Action Committee for Women in Prison

Minutes from February, 2005 Meeting

The meeting began with a Moment of Silence for the Sisters Inside

NEW ACWIP Phone #(626) 710-7543
Old Business

Lifer Support, letters, actions/good news:
  • Vonda White’s (65 y/o and has served 23 years @ CIW) Hearing on June 1, 2005. Arlene Getz is developing a campaign to free her. If anybody would like to be on her email list to help Vonda,please sign up.
  • Macree Reed (lifer) has been released this month.
  • Flozelle Woodmore: will be up for parole again next month and we should really focus on this issue.
  • Valere Boyd has also gotten another date and we will be supporting her.
  • Habeas Project: in January this law was expanded to include women in which domestic violence was a factor in the case, under specified circumstances. (1473.5PC) We need to recruit attorneys, investigators and other volunteers to help with this expanded class of cases.

Non-profit Development/donation drive/brochure:
  • Discussion of Brochure, image that we want to portray, audience that we are targeting, suggestions for content, identifying activities & victories. ACWIP will continue to work on brochure.
  • We need pictures of women in prison, women who have been freed, women from a New Way of Life.

BPT vacancies/potential litigation:
  • Don Miller: former lifer has applied for the position of BPT.
  • Pat’s Idea: Parole Board is to consist of a cross section of the community. Should we file a class-action law suit so that the Supreme Court can order the state to change the make up of the board. We have some candidates that may be denied in order to place more former law enforcement people on the board.
  • Discussion about campaign to support people who are running for the Board. We need emails, support letters, Articles written in different professional and community newspapers.

Outside Delegation Forum 3/13/05:
1-4 pm @ Mt. St. Mary’s about former prisoners. ACWIP is collaborating in organizing this forum.

Get on the Bus/Teddy Bear Drive:
ACWIP is going to continue to work on this event. We have already collected about 75 teddy bears.

New Business

Legal Updates:
Anew bill has been proposed (AB 161) that would prevent any inmate with a violent felony from having family visits.
We oppose this bill.
There is still confusion and dissention about the reorganization of the CDC and we need to keep a close watch on the proposed changes.

Legislative Agenda:
Frank Mitchell and Gloria Killian have scheduled series of meetings with Republican legislators to open up a dialogue and present our issues.