Action Committee for Women in Prison

Minutes from January, 2005 Meeting

The meeting began with a Moment of Silence for the Sisters Inside

Old Business

Lifer Support, letters, actions/good news:

Please pass out and sign Susan Greenberg letters. CAROLINE ANDERSON is being released in 6 days after spending more than 20 years in prison!! Other decisions are waiting to be approved by the governor so please continue sending those support emails and support letters.

Non-profit Development/donation drive:

Chief financial officer is out of town until 1/24/05, we can receive/raise money now! Please make checks out to ACWIP. Money is needed for general support. We cannot apply for grants YET.

BPT vacancies/potential litigation:

Mike Ramirez (Friends Outside Representative), worked for CYA (former parole agent) has also applied for a BPT position.

Veronica will send Gloria and Marilyn a cover letter to gather support with various orgs. for BPT appointment

New Business

Legal Updates:

Donald Bersde will be executed on 1/18/05! Please send emails and letters to governor to stop this. A correctional officer was stabbed to death at California Institute for men. This will be a backlash for prisoner rights. However, a lot of reports have come out about the poor conditions for women in prison

  • BPT: Margarita Perez and Susan fisher are currently up for legislative approval, please oppose both of them especially Susan Fisher who is notorious for her vicious comments about prisoner basic human rights.
    • Send opposition letters to: Neettie Sablehaus, Senate Rules Committee, Sacramento California 95814 State Capitol Building.
    • ACWIP will write a sample letter.
    • Please send 2 separate letters in opposition of each but especially Susan Fisher.
  • Governor appoints BPT members and needs to be approved by legislators.

Pasadena Weekly/LA times article/media:
Please see both of these articles that will be posted on the website. Women inside donated money to the Tsunami victims. ACWIP was contacted by production companies wanting to do a reality show on women getting out of prison. One will do a documentary on Get on the Bus. ACWIP is thinking about how to prevent any exploitation of women's stories if ACWIP agrees to become involved. Gloria will do the following talk shows in near future: Weekend review, Father Michael Mannings, Women's Network.

Outside Delegations 3/13/05:

(Sunday 1-4 Catholic Archdiocese) panel that will talk about what happens to women in prison when they get out. Purpose: To educate community and interfaith leaders about what happens to women getting out of prison.

  • Marilyn: suggested that a pen pal outside should be on the panel to talk about their experience.
  • Who should be coming to hear the panel? If you have any suggestions please let ACWIP know.
  • Frank will notify his email contacts to publicize this event.

Get on the Bus:
Project that takes children to see their mothers on the Friday before mother's day. We need 768 teddy bears to donate for the children going to see their parent. Kids get fed, they get toys, and in the prisons they get a picture. Archdiocese has to pay officers for the overtime because they refuse to pay for the time to process the applications for the children that get on the bus.

Long Distance Parenting Program:
Where women can send tapes to their children reading to them, parenting them etc… this program will be initiated at CIW through friends outside program. Let's support this!! for more information.

You can send the following in regular mail to CIW:
2 greeting cards, 2 envelopes, 5 sheets of stationary & 2 envelopes or 1 envelope & 3 sheets of stationary, 10 pictures, or 40 stamps.

Vendor boxes:
There are several problems with this service. Guards are still searching boxes and are being held incredibly long before reaching women in prison. MGM seems to be the best vendor.

Bill Handle
Gripe Night Fri 5-6 a.m. Frank has been calling in to this program to voice his opinions about prison policies, laws and getting media coverage.

Laura Richardsons:
Frank wrote a letter inviting her to come to ACWIP meeting.


CLAREMONT 91711 Matt Grey is a lobbyist and formed this organization to reform corrections. Five dollars a month to subscribe to this website.

Claremont United Methodist Church :
Very active and socially conscious aware church that makes plenty of donations to women inside.

Next meeting on February 26, 2005